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Why Hire Jared?

It’s a fact that the real estate industry has one of the highest failure rates for new starting members of any industry on the planet. It’s an industry filled with starters coming into the business wanting to “practice” on you without a very good depth of experience. Locally, 92% of agents close fewer than one transactions a month.

Jared Jones’ Track Record

2022: Listed in the Top 100 Selling Agents by Production in Orlando out of over 20,000 Realtors

Licensed Real Estate Agent/ Broker since December 2002.

More than 3,500 Transactions Closed

Thats an average of 14 closings per month over career history

Statistics show that 92% of local agents “in business” close less than 1 sale per month.

Most Expensive Home Sale Last Year: $1,700,000 SFR

Least Expensive Home Sale: $120,000 SFR

Highest Value Vacant Land Sale: $675,000

Lowest Value Vacant Land Sale: $75,000

Sale Type Proficiencies: Luxury, Buy and Hold Investment Purchase for Long Term Leasing, AirBnb Acquisition, Fix and Flip acquisition and disposal, REO, Townhome Sales, Vacant Land Acquisition and Disposal with both Seller financing and Bank Financing, More than 3000 Broker Price Opinions Completed in Career

Locations with Direct Sales Experience: Central Florida, The Orlando Metro Area, Orange, Lake, Seminole, Volusia, Polk, and Osceola Counties in Florida. Southern Nevada, Clark County, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson.

Membership Affiliations, Trainings, and Certifications Both Past* and Present NAR, Florida Realtors, Orlando Regional Realtors Association, Osceola Realtors,* Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtor*, NRBA Member*, CDPE Certified*, Equator Certified*, FNMA REO Broker Training*, Craig Proctor Coaching Platinum Member*, Tom Ferry Coaching Member*, Extensive BPO Training from Multiple Companies,

Systems Experience: StellarMLS, MatrixMLS,,,, (formerly,,,

Corporate Acquisition and Disposition Experience: My team and I managed a $5.5 Million Dollar Private Fund that flipped approximately 200 homes. We handled the acquisition, preservation, remodel, and disposition of this fund over the course of 2 and half years.

Real Estate Brokerage Owner

Horizon Realty Group - 2005 - 2015

Jones Group Real Estate - 2016 - Present

Statistics show that 80% of the agents that get into real estate do not see their 5th year in the business. I don’t have hard data on this, but it is my belief that real estate has one of the highest failure rates of any industry.

Additionally of those practicing, a full 92% of the agents supposedly “in business” do not even transact one home sale per month. Imagine hiring any professional for something incredibly important to find out that they just do not get too many “at bats” with which to practice their craft? You would rightly lack confidence in this person.

REO Disposition Experience: Fannie Mae, J.P. Morgan Chase, EMC Mortgage, American Home Mortgage, Atlas REO, Accredited Home Loans, and a very long list of servicing companies.


Agent Talent Sourcing for Home Buyers, Home Sellers and Investors for North America and Canada

Real Estate Investment Consulting

REO Preservation Disposition and Planning

Corporate Investment Acquisition

Real Estate Sales and Success Consulting

What do you enjoy doing when not working? I love making memories with my family whether at the local theme parks or traveling Florida or to parts unknown. I really enjoy serving Jesus through my local church, The Grove Bible Chapel. I love getting my butt kicked with friends at Crossfit Winter Garden; Lee Lovette is the emcee of the pain and brings a great team of coaches and community there!  I am a disciplined reader on the daily and do enjoy it.  I love doing puzzles over the holidays with family! Settlers of Catan with friends or family. I used to enjoy golf but with a household of seven, I decided to stop playing so much about six years ago. Lack of play took my so-so golf ability to flat out mediocre, which makes the game unbearable to play even on a casual basis! It’s clearly NOT like riding a bike. One day, I will call a golf pro, get my swing tweaked and get back to it, but I’m not there yet.

Where would you live if not for Florida? I’m a big fan of Tennessee and St. Maarten. Runners up would be somewhere in Utah or Southern Cal.

What is your favorite car? I don’t have one. I am not a car person. I am so fixated on how fast they depreciate that I don’t get hung up on them! Sorry car fans. Lol. Even for very nice car purchases, I make a policy to buy used within he last 2 years and lowest miles, depreciated as far down as possible.

Last meal: Lasagne or Margherita Pizza!


Sweet Tooth: A great Apple Fritter!

Life Changing Books: Rich Dad Poor Dad blew my mind in my early 20s and likely started me onto a life of entrepreneurship. 10X by Grant Cardone was a read a few times back in 2012 or whenever I found it, “Can’t Hurt Me, by David Goggins”.   Last and which really comes first in my reading schedule: the Bible: Proverbs, James, 1 and 2 Peter, Anything written by Paul, and of course Acts and the Gospels.. I have many more books to recommend but these are the standouts.

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