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Updated: Apr 9, 2021


Hi, it's Michelle with the Jones group today, we're going to be talking about some unique homes that you might not know about in the central Florida area.

Thanks, Michelle. And yeah, we actually have a new builder in central Florida. That's actually building homes that require nearly zero energy. These homes actually, according to the builder might actually produce more energy than they consume. So follow me on this. Not only is the property highly efficient, but it's also built with steel and concrete. So obviously in Florida, we want homes actually very stormed durable. And it sounds like not only is this property need zero power, zero water, zero sewer costs lowering all of your monthly utility bills, but it looks like it does more than that. Just, it also protects your family as I go. I'm going to show you some of the mock-ups of these particular homes that actually start in the mid two hundred and the properties that I'm seeing, that I found online. There are several more floor plans from this particular builder, but what's funny this builder on their website, when they're promoting these types of homes, they say, be aware of the termite buffet, fire hazard, mold, motel, outdated wood-frame homes offered by other builders. And obviously, if you're from central Florida, you know, wood-frame homes, they can be sketchy, especially if you have first-floor wood framing, they're full of potential surprises. But additionally, this home is built with reinforced steel walls and trust framing Pharaoh summit, and it will include a net-zero power.

I'm Jared Jones with the Jones group, and we list your home for just 1%. So you can keep more of your hard-earned equity, make one call that's all, and put the home selling heavy hitter to work for you. Jared Jones is the way to go.

What is a zero-energy building? Most buildings today use a lot of energy to keep the lights on. Cool. The air he water and power personal devices, even installing solar systems will not significantly counter the heavy energy load. There are, however, some buildings that strike a balance or even tip the scales. The other way. These are called zero energy buildings. They manage this feed by being extremely energy, efficient, saving 50 to 70% more energy than typical buildings in these ultra-high-performance buildings. The amount of energy use can be completely offset by renewable energy produced on or around the building. When conditions are not suitable for energy generation, the building will draw energy from the electrical grid to meet its needs. When conditions improve onsite, renewable energy systems will cover the building's energy need and send excess energy back into the grid to make up the balance. Over the course of a year, the building gives back as much energy as it takes. When zero-energy concepts are applied to groups of buildings, the benefits are shared and multiplied within that zero-energy community. These buildings are also more comfortable, more reliable, affordable to build and operate, and better for the environment.

While these might seem like buildings of the future new technologies are constantly emerging. That makes zero energy easier and easier to achieve today. In fact, there are already hundreds of zero energy buildings across the US and many different climates by becoming ultra-efficient and giving back as much energy as they consume. Zero energy buildings will play an important part in creating a more competitive energy secure future.

They included the Icynene spray foam, which Icynene is a spray out. Insulation is a very new technology, very costly, especially you already have a home. You want to add Icynene can range for thousands of dollars to actually install it, but it definitely will help your power bill. But additionally, these fully upgraded homes not only include solar, but they're ultra sealed oversize high-impact glass low E obviously energy-efficient windows. You have ductless variable speed HVHC, which allows for individual different temperatures and every single room you have. State-of-the-art modern led lighting, which obviously is low usage water fixtures throughout home automation. But as you can see from some of the photos, the interior finishes of these homes are very nice as well. You have soft, close kitchen cabinetry in both the bathroom and kitchen. You have high-quality court counter stainless steel appliances and a very modern finish. These homes.

I've seen, particularly the ones that are offered here in central Florida having a flat roof. So you can kind of go out and top of those, and that's a little different, but you definitely have a different look. That's exciting because I love architecture. And I think in Florida, we lack a lot of variety. And probably 95% of the areas. You just kind of see a very, uh, common style home. So that's exciting. If you want information, it's one of our partner builders contact us. We'll be more than happy to walk you through the details and see if one of these home builds might be just right for you for your next home. What do you think, Michelle? I think that's wonderful. I agree. Would you move into one of these homes? Oh, and their price just ready, right there actually base price is 269.

I have a feeling that doesn't include solar and maybe not the steel and probably missing some concrete in that number. I don't know. It seems cheap. I'm guessing there are probably some ambulances, but, but the base price is two 60 and I mean I'll base prices work their base. And then you add on, and this particular home is offered at four bedrooms, two baths, 1,670 square feet. And I will also try and get, some of the other models displayed on this particular video to kind of show you what, what's available to you, but really stylish-looking home. And, uh, and I hope we see more of these. I have not seen one yet in the market finished, but, but be really cool to see this in the future of housing net-zero have no energy consumption. That's amazing. Can you imagine no power bill? I can't imagine. And do you need insurance? The thing is indestructible. Maybe you can get rid of your insurance bill to just have a tax man. Wow. Anyway, check it out. Thanks for joining us.


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