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Sell My Clermont Home | Jared Jones

Sell My Clermont Home | Jared Jones

Just about every agent will promise to sell your home, but I guarantee it. Hi, I’m Jerry Jones, broker, owner of Jones group real estate and I will sell your home guaranteed or I’ll apply it myself. My team and I sell more homes than just about all their agents in the central Florida market that I’m just able to do more to get your home sold. According to real estate board’s statistics, my homes are just more likely to sell and they sell nearly twice as fast as the average agent and just over 3% more than the board average, and if I don’t do everything that I say, I’m going to do, no lengthy longterm contracts, you can fire me, but based on nearly 4,000 satisfy career transactions and nearly 100 recent Google and Zillow reviews, you will be happy with over 2000 active buyers in my database. There’s a good chance that I already have a buyer for your home, by the way, looking to avoid listing altogether and just sell your home direct to a buyer. I have buyers who will cash you out in as little as two to three weeks and allow you to set the closing date. Don’t let anyone you know list before talking to me, Jared Jones. It won’t cost you anything to find out how my 18 years of experience can help you maximize your home’s equity, but not talking to me first. Could cost you thousands. Call me today. (407) 706-5000 four zero seven (407) 706-5000 I’m Jared Jones with the Jones group and I guarantee in writing that you’re homeless, sell or I’ll step in and buy it myself

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