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Investor - If a Realtor Says these three words.....RUN!!

If the professional says they're basing their exit reality pf the price of self-worth based on dollar per foot, run the other way.

You're borrowing the money. You have a mortgage. If the house doesn't sell, you're carrying the note. All of those things need to be built into what I said the last point, which is fall over the deal. Have a great exit. You have a great exit. You're gonna have a buyer for the house that you kind of can rely on on the way into the deal. And it doesn't it's not a bad thing to borrow the money. So really, I see investors kind of going in different directions on that particular point based on their aversion to risk and how smart the market is.

I mean, there's gonna be certain markets where it's going to be easy and effective to buy at one hundred. There's only certain markets where you just make way more cash on cash return, leveraging bank money that we can get at. Eighty five percent borrowed money, putting down 15 percent. And again, in that same category, having about ten thousand dollars and low cost. But yet you have thirty five to forty five thousand, for example, in profit to help pay the 10 back to the bank. And it makes sense. So you have to basically do what makes sense with real intention. The market kind of weighing up the exit strategy kind of with the entry price will. The last thing I want to bring to you is these three words. If you are considering the exit strategy, which is what will my property sell for when I get it fixed, I add the value I come back to the market. If the professional to use says they're basing their exit reality of the price of self-worth based on dollar per foot run the other way. That is not going to give you an accurate idea of value. If you're predicating your goal of selling house based on dollar per foot, you need to understand how markets work and absorb real estate and how to price it effectively. Real estate is if you're struggling with this and you're particularly you're in a central hot air, I'll be happy to Masooma with you. Reach out to me. We're happy.

Discuss it. But more importantly, if you're an investor and you need good advice on how to make sure you don't fall into a pitfall, let me know at this point. I'm fortunate enough that we have enough business where we have more cash than deals right now, but we're forming an interest list. What we have available in the next week, two weeks, three weeks, you know, may not be there in terms of cash when we're ready to buy on week for week five. OK. So if you have interest. I have. Zero availability sell you house today. But if you do want to be on the interest list and have the option to buy with me in the market, either one of these ways, I would tell you, if you're using cash leverage, you will need at least 80 or 90 thousand. And if you are going all cash, the ideal per purchase, cash flow, I tell you, you really shouldn't bargain for is about 250 or 270 is the sweet spot for the numbers that we kind of are talking about. We're talking about a net of, you know, gold net of 30, 35 on the low side to forty five on the high side per track, per turn per transaction with a goal to do that three times per year. OK, take a caveat to what I said. Dollar per foot, dollar per foot will work. Only work. There's only time at work if it's exact. Like kind. So like if you're actually talking about comparing a condominium complex where there is 30 sales a year of the same exact floor plan, that is different. OK. But really, property is so unique. Most times dollars per foot will not serve you and you're trying to get very precise with a resale price. That's it. Get out there. Make some money. Let's buy some homes. Let's provide a service to the public. Blipping Some properties bring bringing up the neighborhood's values. That's what we do.

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