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Investors - Fall in love with the deal, NOT the house! | Jared Jones

If whoever is giving you investment advice on buying properties for flip or for buy and hold, if they use these three words, do yourself a favor and run the other way. Everybody, Jerry Jones, the Jones Group Real Estate in Central Florida. Finding myself in a bizarre situation. I did not think this year that we would be spending as much time on investment property, especially as the market has turned out like it has. But here we are. And as you have seen from past videos, we have been finding properties and flipping them from a starting place of around 80 to 100 thousand dollar gross profit in the mid 200 price point. And as I discuss the plans of these investors from all different parts of the world coming to buy in central Florida, I'm noticing that they get a bunch of really odd random advice.

So with that, I want to kind of share with you some of what I'm hearing and how to help you avoid pitfalls in your journey. And I give you this advice with a unique perspective right now as you see this video. Even if you wanted to come in and buy a property with me, I've got too many people in a line now. You actually have to go on an interest list. But so I'm giving you this from perspective of not trying to win your business. But but give it to you from a perspective how to save yourself in a situation where you're buying from wherever you are in the marketplace. Check this out. So one of the things I've noticed as investors have come to me is, number one, they typically do not have a solid plan to find a deal worth falling in love with. Here's what I mean. Most people fall in love with the property. They don't fall in love with the transaction. And so when an investor comes in, it starts to work with me.

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