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How to Build Your Custom Dream Home From Scratch | Jared Jones | Jones Group Real Estate


Hey, it's Jared Jones, broker-owner of Jones group real estate, and we are showcasing building your own home. The creating inventory series is about the crisis of a lack of supply of homes in central Florida. How you can buy your own lot and have so many options to construct the home of your dreams. And we walk through showcasing different builders in the area that have fantastic reputations. We showcase what they do for you, and we showcase how you can make this whole dream come true for yourself. So today we're actually going to be in the luxury market showcasing one of the most popular builders in the area with a great track record for luxury homes, having built more than 100 high-end homes here in the central Florida area. We're going to talk about what his customers have said. We're to talk about the proxy bills we're going to talk about, where would you consider building a home by this great builder?

We're also going to talk briefly about financing options and how you might purchase this with as low out of pocket cost as you possibly can. So let's get started. Today's featured builder is M LAR homes, a custom home builder, specializing in design-build, and they have over a hundred homes. I mentioned in the Orlando area over the past decade, they pride themselves in the collaborative effort, often overwhelming the customer, the quality of their builds. And one of the things that I noticed from reading up on their business and how they've been doing for customers over the years is I noticed how many people had said that they're on their second Mr. Home. So, they built a luxury home, loved it so much, and actually purchased another. So I'm actually going to showcase for you, um, a couple of my favorite models that they have kind of telling you more about it.

They've been featured multiple times in the parade of homes in the majority of the homes that I've seen, that they've built and were showcased. We're building the college park in winter park areas. Now I'm going to take a moment later in the video, kind of walk you through lot prices and things of that nature. I will tell you as a luxury builder, you can expect at the very minimum to be in the five to $600,000 build cost range up into multiple million-dollar price range. So here's a couple of homes I want to showcase for you. Here's one at 90 East Lake SU AV, a popular street in winter park. And let's go ahead and just have a quick view of this amazing home. So beautiful kitchen design, beautiful finishes. You absolutely can have everything done from the front interior to the back of the home.

Here's another feature home in winter park. This particular property in their portfolio is over 4,200 square feet, four bedrooms, and six total bathrooms, just to give a variety of the skill in that have of design and finishing a house. Um, you can go in their portfolio and you'll notice a wide range of build variety. You're going to see homes that are very custom. You're gonna see homes, um, that you can absolutely tell were catered to the desires of the particular homeowner. You can see the Archway, the design with the molding underneath it's to really nice, uh, nice finishes here. Notice the ceiling finishes. It's not just a straight edge tray.

And again, obviously, this particular home is probably not everybody's style, but you just have a little bit of a different finish. It's really interesting. What are the features of this kitchen? The lighting, the finishes of the cabinets, just a really it's, it's almost like you're in a different period as you view this home. It's really nice and how well they match it. I mean, I love looking at photos like particular of this. You have this really formal sitting area where you can tell there's just a lot of extras in the millwork. Um, the ceiling molding and things that you know, that they really use to finish off this home. Let me showcase one more. This one is also a winter park, four bedrooms, five total basses over 3,500 square feet. Just a really clean looking custom, more contemporary, and showcasing this just because it's more uncommon for Florida to see the finishes folks from Newport beach West coast. See this type of, of luxury home more frequently. Winter park obviously has several homes that fit in the same finish.

Really look, look at that dining room, beautiful pocketing doors in the back, bringing the outdoors in. I love this backsplash year behind the stove. Look at that super custom. It's a really great finish. When you're talking about building a luxury home in winter park, you will need in the upper two hundred on the entry price for a lot. And then obviously that price could scale all the way up to a million dollars. If you're on waterfront, uh, you have some exclusive view, the mid twos all the way up to the six, $700,000 price range, where you actually see a home that's in the rough condition being purchased there to be torn down and built over. Then obviously college parks can be very similar as well as the window mirror area. Windemere already has established subdivisions where they're already gated and you can buy interior lots. And those would also range really kind of in the same.

You're going to see just over a 10th of an acre 0.1, five of acre stuff like that, all the way up to two, an acre plus in Windemere featuring the same, starting in the twos all the way up to a million, getting close to a million dollars. Um, you're going to have really good Lake frontage in some of those and particularly in those lots with, or without something to tear down. So you might have questions about how to build your own house, how to pick a lot with the Jones group. We can help you in terms of matching yourself up with the right builder, considering which lots you want to purchase different opportunities, making sure that the lot is safe, uh, watching maps, rezoning opportunities, things of that nature, as well as again, helping you match you up with the right lender, uh, to get a construction to permanent loan, to make sure that you get into your dream home as smoothly as possible. Give us a call today. Let's get started building your next dream home.


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