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How do We List Homes for Just 1%?

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

How the 1% Program Works

If you're considering selling as a Central Florida area homeowner, you know that this is one of the greatest seller markets in history. My list for 1% program is a program that's designed to help you get the most on the sale price but also the most equity back to you the seller, by lowering the high cost of selling the home.

How Is Your Cost So Low?

Quite simply put technology has changed the real estate game and I am passing the savings on to you. In the past, I'd have to run your home inexpensive newspapers and home print magazines throughout the state, and for some homes, even throughout the country, and just have a tiny little fraction of the home information that we can feature now on the internet and at a fraction of the cost of back then.

Now at 90% less, we're able to get a worldwide audience. You have Trulia. You have You have We're literally hitting tens of thousands of people all over the world for 10% of the costs that we experienced even 10 years ago. And, think about this; 75% of all the buyers start their search on The other 25% start on, Trulia,, and realtor affiliated sites. Before we had to pick a city by city, where we would print advertisements on your home.

We provide high-quality professional photography with up to 50 photos that are syndicated throughout 1100 plus partner sites with a global audience reach. The exposure we can get for a home today couldn't even be imagined even 5 to 10 years ago.

Jones Group Extreme Marketing

Less Showings = More Savings for You

Another way technology has helped us lower the cost and pass savings to you is buyers are seeing WAY fewer homes on average than in the past. Just think about this 10 to 15 years ago, if we showed a prospective home buyer 20 properties in order for them to find “the one”, that was great. In today’s world, it’s not uncommon to see 1 to 5 properties before finding the dream home.

The average buyer sees far fewer homes because they get to see more of the home through the internet experience. It's an Amazon world even in home buying. The buyer commonly is mentally “buying” on the other side of a screen – walking in is just a technicality these days! Many buyers buy without EVER having seen it in person first. The internet has cut the cost AND energy of the time that it used to take to sell your home. Don't you agree?

Our Buyers are MORE Qualified to Buy When a Showing is Scheduled

In today's world - buyers can make a quicker decision because buyers today don't walk into a house and say, “Oh, I don't really like the kitchen.” “The backyard's too small.” That’s because they've already seen it front to back in pure quality online, which is good for you. As a seller, you get less unqualified people walking through your house that just isn't predisposed and willing to buy it. Another thing people don't have to ask about schools when they're going out buying a home. We have the school data listed on most of this property site and the same thing with crime statistics. They go right on a home search site and they're able to see it all in the same place. So the buyer has been empowered, saving us thousands of hours. That saving has been passed on to you.


Franchise Fees, Broker Splits, and Commission Bid Sites Add Heavy Seller Cost Burdens

On top of an already expensive transaction, many agents have to pay broker splits and franchise fees. These fees often amount to anywhere from $15,000 to $80,000 PER YEAR for ONE AGENT. Who do you think gets billed to cover this. I've eliminated this cost because it does not add ANY value to your home, NOR does it ad to the exposure that your home receives.

Even MORE Cost! – The “Trusted Agent” or “Get a Commission Bid” Programs

Have you seen these references in the market – “Sign up here to speak to an agent that I would trust” or “We have our own list of agents and you should pick one because I am valuable”?

What about – “We make agents compete for your business and give you the lowest possible fee”?

Here are the inner workings of this – the person or company has gone out to all the agents – people they do not know or have any direct experience within nearly all cases, and they get a fee paid from the commission. This fee is commonly around 30% or more of the agent's fee! This again is on top of what the agent may already be paying in splits to their company and broker outlined above. Guess in the end who gets to pay for this? You do! I have personally seen the signup process with these companies and many of them will NOT let the agent compete with our listing fee of 1% because it's TOO LOW for them to make their fee. Many large brands that do this have built their value on making the consumer THINK they will get more savings using their provider but the secret to this is, they are leveraging a good name to make an income on your equity. I don’t fault them for it, but they have zero impact on how your experience will be and they surely can’t bring the cost down due to the reasons outlined above.

Jones Group Extreme Marketing

Jones Group Extreme 22 Point Marketing Program

Not only is the hot Florida housing market pumping the home values, but the Jones Group 22 Point Extreme Marketing Program includes up to 50 professional HD photos, 3D Video**, home tour, yard sign, and electronic secure lockbox for showing access as well as our showing team managing all the showings, so you don't have to talk to or see any of the buyers or their agents if you prefer not to. Our team will also tailor the showing calendar, to make sure that we are getting approved showing times based on your availability specs. We provide feedback from every showing possible. We assist you in negotiating the offer in your best interest and give you weekly updates from open to close with award-winning service. Our 1% Listing is a full-service professional listing of your home and while biased, we believe we offer a better marketing program than 99% of all other agents – which is why we rank annually year after year in the top 1% of all agents selling nationwide. Better service, Lower Fees.

Your home is listed in the multiple listing service known as MLS. You get all of the top technology tools that you need for top dollar on your timeframe and get this - there are NO upfront fees, no cost of any kind of out-of-pocket. You ONLY pay us at closing when you've got what you want. Now, what areas do we cover? We cover our entire MLS, which ranges from Daytona Beach back to Bradenton on the West Coast and all areas in between. If you're ready to get your home sold, call text or email us today, we will follow up with you and set a time for us to either do a virtual consult remotely over a web conference. Or we can come and do an in-home consultation. Go ahead and make one call that's all for better service and lower fees.

Call – 407-706-5000

Text – 407-906-5000

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