Get $7,000 Cash Back When You Buy A Home | Jared Jones | Jones Group Real Estate

Homebuyer Stimulus Program

Get $7,000 Cash Back When You Buy A Home | Jared Jones | Jones Group Real Estate

Buying a home this year, get cashback at closing. Every home buyer saves more with the Jones Group because, at closing, we credit you back $7,000.

How do you get rewarded for buying a new home?

Number one, what you shop for the house? You do the things that you're already doing to find a home.

Number two Jones Group submits the offer on your behalf. Once you find a home Jones Group will help you negotiate and get that offer accepted.

Number three, you close and you keep the cash. We're going to help you all the way through the closing process with the escrow, with the title company, the lender, and make sure all the contingencies are negotiated in your favor all the way through the process. But you save more in the end. When you buy with Jones group here in Florida.

Secondly, you have a home to sell. We list your home for 1%. That's full service, no hidden fees, no long-term contracts. Make one call. That's all. Give us a call or visit us on the web. And let's put a plan in place for your real estate success

List Your Home for 1% - Buy Your Home with Jones Group and get $7000 Cashback at closing!

Call 407-706-5000 or visit for details, and start packing!

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