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Done for you Flipping in Orlando

Done for you Flipping in Orlando

The property is now going under contract at a $100,000 gross profit. It means it is literally going under contract $100,000 more than the buyer’s purchase price. Everybody, Jerry Jones, I’m excited to share with you or landowners, flipping of this house. Time to talk, flipping investment properties. Quick turn for quick profits. Is it possible in the market we’re in? Yes and yes. Number one, I shop in pockets that turn fast no matter what’s going on in the market. Number two, I only purchased properties that have cosmetic concerns, not crazy structural concerns, things of that nature. Let me show you, so this property you see right here on screen, this property was purchased. I’m going to pull up the information so you can actually see this as rather the back of the MLS. See right here, January 22 this property closed the beginning of this year. There’s the sole price, $220,000 now this property was refurbed brought back to the market at a sale price.

Look at this. This was a list price rather. 324,900 so about 105,000 more than the property was listed for. I’ll check this out. The property is now going under contract at a $100,000 gross profit. It means it is literally going under contract $100,000 more than the buyer’s purchase price. Now you ask, how in the world did this happen? Well, it flipping real estate for a long time. Okay, so this particularly was was me assisting a client going to find properties for them and I like to look particularly at properties that only require cosmetic needs only. Okay? So talking about a range of repair between 15 and 25,000 which this one fell with them. Okay? I’m gonna pull up here on the screen as I’m talking some more views of the before and after pictures to give you an idea of all the things that we did with this particular property.

What I want you to do is if you’re interested, message me below. Now. Who can buy? Do you need all cash? No, you don’t need all cash. Now for you to do a deal like this, all cash, you’d need probably around 250,000 something like that. Now, if you were to finance this property, you would need approximately $75,000 out of pocket in order to make the sale happen. And reason being is you need 15% down to qualify for financing and then you’re going to need repairs out of pocket. But that’s it. If you’d like to go on a coaching call with me to learn how you can be doing this, message me now, or if you’re ready to buy good opportunities for you right now.

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