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In central Florida, there are no homes for sale, but I'm going to tell you what we're going to do about it. We're going to create inventory. Today, we're going to talk about building your own custom home, picking out a lot, and doing it all the old fashioned way.

It's Jared Jones and I'm starting a new series called creating inventory. And this series is where we're going to highlight different builders in the central Florida area that are against the grain. These are the non-track builders. These are not the national brand that is going to put you in a reach out and touch your neighbor type situation. Unless that's what you desire. You'll be able to pick out a lot anywhere in town, sometimes out of town, and then put your own house that meets your own specifications. Today, we're going to start by spotlighting steel X homes. Now steel X homes is a brand that builds on energy efficiency standards that are next level. Now, these homes are concrete and steel and they're quote and quote, hurricane-proof, according to CLX. But additionally, one of the biggest claims to fame that most buyers can get their head around is no utility bills.

The goal of a steel X home is no water, there is no power that essentially you have a house that is actually putting out more energy than it's requiring to use on a year in year out basis. Now, the really cool thing is that you can actually get a good-sized star home built 1,600 square feet for under 250,000. If you go and pick out a lot, that's maybe 15, 20 grand, you can be in a highly energy-efficient contemporary design home at a very reasonable and reachable cost. So let's dig into a few details about these homes that I want you to know about. So number one, I'm going to showcase for you a few of the floor plan designs. As I kind of walk you through, what steel X is about. You know, you're going to have the ability, to pick from several plans that go from 1200 square feet up to 2,300 square feet.

Now, the builder of these particular homes already has a couple of 1,600 square foot models where they're showcasing them for sale from a spec perspective. It's not even started, but basically, you can see a kind of an image that you would see here in the floor plans. I'm showing you on screen and in the Davenport area, that particular home goes for $280,000. And then if you want to live over in the wedge field area, the builder tells me that most of their models over there we'll have about a $40,000 increase in Wentzville, as you may know, is just on the outskirts of the East side of town. So it's like next outside town from Lake known area on the five 28, really cool outlier town between the beaches and, uh, downtown Orlando. A lot of folks love it because you're kind of in the country, you don't feel so dense all the home communities they're built, you know, in a very low-density format where you have room for your neighbors.

But, but one thing that I would think as I kind of look at this modeling is, you know, you're in this price range under $300,000, there is nothing for sale in the entry market. We could go and probably different areas of town and find you a good quarter acre piece of property that ranges. And you could towards an acre. A lot of that is going to go from $10,000 up to 40, $50,000. When you start getting to a little bit larger piece of property, half-acre two, an acre plus, and you could go and actually have a builder like steel X homes build you a very great starter home that you're not going to have an HOA fee because you're going to build on your own life. I don't think you're going, gonna install a homeowner association for yourself. Um, but you're also gonna have, very low, low fees.

You're literally gonna have a mortgage and, and your payment. And what I would recommend too, is with the Jones group, as we got to go through this idea of creating inventory, one of the biggest things that we're a resource for you on, you're going to know that we're going to invite you to a lot of custom home builders as we finish this series. So that's number one. We're going to be able to match you up with a great custom home builder, but number two, we're going to help you find a great lot to start from. You're going to want an agent who kind of can help, you know, Hey, where's the zoning, where's the flood opportunities, you know, where is future growth coming from? And you know, which sides of town, um, should I build my house? You know, you know, cause obviously if you want a great future investment, you want to be in the pathway of where investments coming.

Just so, you know, having, our team kind of help you plug into those opportunities is going to help you, um, make sure that you just don't, um, end up in a place that five years from now. It wasn't what you planned for it to be. All right. One of the things I would like to do is if you are interested in steel X homes, visit us on our website, give us a call at our office direct. We'd be more than happy to kind of walk you through exactly how building with them would go. All of their models take, between four and six months to complete. Again, depending on which side of town, most of the pricing that I've shown you on screen is there. It's just, sometimes there might be a little bit different municipal fee structure for building a home in the East side of town versus orange versus Lake County, for instance.

Hope this was helpful for you. If you need more information on steelworks homes, give us a call. If you are looking to plan your next construction purchase, you're not finding the house that you're looking for, your current resources that you're using. Give us call lists, join the battle with you, and trying to get you into your next home.


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