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Biden Housing Makes PERMANENT Renting Class | Jared Jones | Jones Group Real Estate | Central FL




Here's the thing that I would tell you, listen to this the way the market is going. Okay. There, you know, people tell me all the time, Jared, what's going to happen. The housing market, the way I create the housing market right now in the way the planners are running our world, this is everywhere. This isn't just America. This is the same story and narrative on every continent. All the central planners on this planet have decided that we're collectively going to inflate the crap out of our market. Okay. And I'm talking just real estate. So now there are some countries there's a nominal few that are actually reigning that in and doing things to hinder certain buyers from buying like they're trying to keep speculators out of New Zealand or something like that. You have those kinds of things. But listen to this in, in central Florida, in any of these marketplaces, in the US you have, you know, the marketplace, I kind of equated to a car and this car is running down the road and things happen, right.

There was a drama that caused the car, the engine to kind of get beat up. But the way the planners are working on this is while, while there are like issues, right? Underlying issues, 10 million people still have jobs, and there's gotta be economic wolves. And people that don't have the same income structures that they had. pre-Clovis, you know, with all the stimulus, the stimulus is booing, booing things, but like, think of it this way, the car had like one of those refueling jets that fly over the car and kind of, they drop it down an engine and they take the old engine out. This car is still going 150 down the freeway. And it starts to get, it's starting to clay and the engine is starting to sputter. And the, and the planner's got the pedal down on the floor. The government's got the pedal, the fed reserve chair has got the pedal down in the pedal is going to stay down.

Okay. And everything that they can do is going to keep that car down on 150. And even while it's going, when the, when the engine started to ping in a bang that mid-flight engine flew with the mid-flight plane, flew over the car, pulled the engine out, put a new one in, right. And now that one's overheating now, and it's like paying an and bang, but it's still going down the road and nobody is, is there are no pit stops. There's no natural rejuvenation of the car and the road always ends eventually. Right, but there's no end in sight right now. Okay. And so if you imagine the way the, you know, this analogy, there's no intention of, and there's no, uh, there are no marketplace changes insight over and above. What's already happening. So what I'm saying is it's going to get hotter. Okay. If you're watching videos of say, it's going to crash, I'm telling you the opposite.

And if I could have a narrative that would be like, that's that awesome? You know, a lot of that sensational, uh, draw eyeballs, I would say it. But the reality is the people that are extreme in extreme delinquency, the people that are having economic wolves with their homes, all those houses are staying under wraps. Easy money is still coming out of the government. Stimulus three stimuli for the rest of the plans are being made to pour capital back, into the economy. And what I fear the most is that number one, you do not need to sit on the sideline. It's a dangerous place. As much as it is brain damage, to try and buy a house in this market, you need to try as much as I know, you're going to feel like I hate the house. It's not what I want.

It's tiresome. Then, the flip side is you are going to be in a rental market where what's going to happen. You're going to save your money. Money's worthless. Okay? Your money-savers are losers in the economy. We're in. When the car is overheating, that means the dollar buys nothing because the marketplace is being inflated. The fed just said it. I'm not going to stop and play in the economy. That's how people with cash in the bank go broke. Okay. The reality is if you're stuck on the sidelines and you're renting, here's the next thing that's going to happen. A whole lot of renters are going to give up and they're going to do what they're going to compete in the rental market. And so far, the rents have not kept up with home prices. They haven't for 10 years. That means there's a lot of ground to make up on rents.

That means that there's a whole lot of people that are going to decide to get into the rental market. Then that's going to cause pressure and competition and a whole new way. Okay. And the sad thing is I actually think that you know, as you look at the economy, you look at what the goals are. I think there are a lot, of people in high places that people that manage the, you know, the fed people that are the central bankers that are the central government. These folks don't care if there's a ton of people in rental situations, okay. They don't care. They don't care. If you never own a home, they don't care. If you ever get to the first rung of the ladder to get to the dream. In fact, I believe that there's a lot of that is in the planning. Okay.

That part of the plan. I mean, it's just out there, like if you go and read, uh, for instance, the world economic forum, which is visited by presidents is visited by all the prime ministers visited by heads of state heads of every company they meet every year. One of the things they put out about the plan for the world in 2030 is that you will be a renter. And the reality is every practically, every country on the planet is falling in line. They're all doing the same thing. They're all pushing the price. They're all making the idea, the reachability of homeownership. It's getting pushed out of reach. And I think we're at a point where you don't see a comeback, okay, you going to see it, come back. You're not going to see it come down. Like what is being done? Doesn't become undone.

Okay. Unless there a difference in the plan. But if the plan is that you don't own anything, why would they re erase it? Why would it come down? So, so the point is being an owner, you have the ability to be on the ride. Okay? If you don't own anything you're in trouble. And that, that means if you go to sell something, think about what you're gonna do with the cash. Cause you don't want to be in cash. Cash is a bad idea right now. But anyway, that's my, uh, that's my take on the marketplace, but stay tuned. I got some exciting updates particularly about where the market is going. Where's the economy, where's the supply chain. Why is the supply chain getting squeezed? Who's buying all the real estate. And I think you're going to be interested to know that the people that are buying it, aren't going to be selling anytime soon.

This means if you don't get in the time for you to get into the marketplace is fleeting. And if you can't get in it, you can't move up within it. Okay. That's just a fact. So, I wish it was a more exciting update. I think it is exciting from the aspect that if you are going to have the emotional juice to get in, it's going to be good for you in the long run, but it's going to take some stones. It's going to take, it's going to take a smart agent. It's gonna take a broker that knows what they're doing and I'm messing around about that. But it's, it's true. Like, new agents in today's market are getting squeezed home buyers. I think they could do it without an agent who are, uh, are definitely being led down consistently. And at the same time, I'm telling you as hard as it is, if you are a renter, you need to do it now because the amount of demand in the rental market is coming. It's going to change. And there's no, uh, controlling the rent. The rent is going to grow. It's going to climb, it's overdue. And I fear that once the market freezes you out, I don't know that you're coming back. That's it. That's my exciting update.


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