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Award-Winning Builder In Central Florida | Jared Jones | Jones Group Real Estate


Hey there, Jared Jones. And we are back with the creating inventory series, addressing the crisis and housing availability in central Florida and the process helping you find your way to the builder to build the home of your dreams on the lot that you select to let's get started.

So today we're going to be featuring KEVCO. KEVCO is a well-known highly praised builder from the aspect of customer testimonials and general feedback that I've been watching over the years. KEVCO has a great product span. So they're a great builder. When you want to come in, you may not have all the ideas of how your custom home should look and feel. But Kev co is a builder that will have several floor plans and floor plans that span both what you would call a state level, reachable level, real estate, and then also luxury grade real estate as well. And both of them, their plans are amazing. I mean, it doesn't matter if you're looking in luxury or if you're looking at a building a 13 or 14 square foot starter home, they're going to have a product for you. And they're going to be reachable build prices.

So you can build a smaller home in a high one hundred around 200, you could build a luxury home and spend five to seven, 800,000 and you just end up with a beautiful product. And so I'm going to showcase for you a little bit. And just to tell you further about them as you know, they're Lake County pretty much, I believe number one in a lot of, uh, metrics in, in Lake County for custom home building, they've been around for more than 40 years, they've worked hard to establish a partnership process where they help conceptualize and coordinate, and obviously construct the process with innovation, with integrity. And so they've got a name to keep intact and just want to walk you through some of my favorite floor plans, particularly in the luxury series, they have some gorgeous single-level models. I mean, if you can visualize 5,500 square feet of living space, they have this Barcelona one where you can see, they have kind of like the Venetian style underneath the soffits. You have this little bump out the beautiful shutters arch windows, and you have a really good feeling. Most of their homes that I've noticed that are over 3000 square feet are very modern. They're, they're the quintessential executive style home that you would want where you have higher doors, taller, ceilings, more open square footage. Um, and so these are just going to be homes that you're just going to want to live in. And so I feel like they've done a fantastic job of showcasing that through, uh, through their builder

And, and so a lot of these homes that you're going to find featured, you'll be able to toggle through the floor plans on their website and you'll be able to, you know, shop from, like I said, 1300 square feet all the way up to there are homes that are pushing six, 7,000 square feet on the high side, but they have beautiful finishes the Barcelona too. Again, one of my favorites check out some of the kitchen finishes they've done in some of these houses, the finishes in the living areas, coffered ceilings, just amazing trim, open ceilings, just the really cool quality finished product for car garages. I mean, Oh man, that's a place I want to live.

Look at this beautiful patio in the backyard, the swimming pool, the features multi-layer this house is built on a hill, overlooking a Lake, probably in Lake County somewhere. It looks probably like Eustice, really beautiful finishes in these homes. Look at that open floor plan, pocketed doors, cool beam design wall of stone around the fireplace, gorgeous kitchen, some really interesting features. And again, we're in the luxury series and the floor plans, the shady branch is a 4,000 square foot. Again, this is probably just done inside of a construction. You can see there are footprints inside the photos. Obviously, this is just being wrapped up. Look at that kitchen, gorgeous two-tone cabinets, just a really nice open setup that they're known for. Just love the finishes in their home.

Take a look at the upper end of the estate range by the way. So the estate range can be a little bit more affordable

They qualify themselves as Lake county's number one custom home builder, 2019, they were a parade of homes best in the class winner for that Barcelona three, she could find the luxury category that was a three 90 to $440,000 price point house. And then date got 2018 best of house. The website that features homes, they got up the Barcelona was a four 60 to $510,000 price range. One of their estate homes was also featured the Emery and again, on and on and on year after year, they've got, uh, literally common acclaim over and over again from, uh, from the features that they have

In there. We offer customization regardless of the price point. One of the reasons that we do that is typically all the national boaters that are in the area. And even some of the smaller builders don't have the controls in place to be able to do that and do it cost-effectively.

But again, and, uh, just a great option. And if you are considering, uh, Kev co or any other builder contact us first, we are obviously able to help you locate a lot. You're going to have to start with that. We can also consult you on access to financing and how those options look on how to get financing from where you are right now and how to pair yourself up with this or any other builder. And obviously there's a lot of other builders that we, that we partnered with, that we can help you with. Um, so make sure that to contact us first, and then let's go over your needs, your desires, your lifestyle goals, and make sure that you make a great decision, whether it's Kev co or one of the other builders that we've partnered with. We'll talk to you real soon.


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