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50% Homebuyer Cash Rebate | Jared Jones | Jones Group Real Estate

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Getting $7,000 Cash Rebate

50% Homebuyer Cash Rebate | Jared Jones | Jones Group Real Estate


You want an extra $7,000 in your pocket. Watch this video to the end. And if you're buying a home in 2021, I'm going to show you how.

For the homebuyers, you're in luck. This year, we're offering at the Jones group, a buyer commission rebate of 50%. Now you may not know you sound like 50% is half that's a lot, but you may not know exactly how much that is. And when I said $7,000, that's a big saving and that's not far-fetched. So let me tell you how it works. Number one, you go look for a house. You find the one you love and a dedicated Jones group agent is going to be by your side, help you formulate an offer, weighted in your interest to get you the best price possible. We're by your side with award-winning service all the way through the closing process. And at the end, you get 50% of our commission credit to you at the closing. Now let me share with you exactly how much money that is.

Take, for example, a $400,000 house. Let's say that the buyer's agent commission on that home is 3% quick. Math, the fees, $12,000. You get 50% of the $12,000. That's $6,000. That's a lot of money. Think about what you could do with that. You could remodel both the bathrooms. You could probably paint the place twice, a lot of opportunities to buy new appliances, but whatever you decide to do, it's there for you to save you money in the home buying process. What do you need to do next? Let us know you want to buy a home this year and that you're going to take advantage of the buyer rebate program because we need to get you started on the process of getting a plan in place so that you can get the best property for you in the year ahead. And that's not all in Florida. If you're selling a home we'll list your home for 1%, take advantage of these great opportunities. Visit us on our website or reach out to our office and let us know you plan to buy a home this year and you want our help make one call that's all for better service and lower fees.


List Your Home for 1% - Buy Your Home with Jones Group and get $7000 Cashback at closing!

Call 407-706-5000 or visit for details, and start packing!

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