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Flip with Jared

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Jared Jones and his team at the Jones Group are constantly valuing, bidding, and offering on single family residences at 60 to 80% below repaired value. With having flipped more than 200 homes, we have a trusted team to help return those homes to market with a typical hold time in the 60 to 120 day timeframe. There will always be more deals than dollars. It’s with that in mind, that we offer you two ways to Flip Orlando Homes with our real estate team.

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  1. Equity stake partnership – we would purchase the asset together and share the expenses on a percentage basis ranging from 20 to 80%.

  2. Interest or Non-interest financing partnership – this would involve the investor doing a note and lending a specific amount with an interest or flat fee rate of return on same loan for those that want to invest but cannot have interest involved in the investment.


In both scenarios, you would be secured by deed of trust or be listed on the property’s deed with the property being held by tenants in common.

Why invest with Jared Jones and his team?

  • Helped banks and corporations value, manage, and dispose of more than 2,000 foreclosure homes (REO) & short sale properties over the 2007 to 2012 timeframe.

  • Has personally managed the acquisition, fix and flip of more than 200 single family homes in the past 20 years.

  • Has more than 20 years of real estate experience with nearly 15 years of that time being in the brokerage ownership role.


If you are looking to earn a return in Orlando and the Central Florida area from Real Estate Investing, call Jared Jones and the Jones Group | 407-706-5000, or complete the form below and we will touch base with you.

Let’s Work Together

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