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September 2021 Edition and Commentary  


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Hello everybody, Jared Jones. Are you curious about what the newest and hottest restaurants that are coming to winter garden when they're opening? Are you curious about some of those new homes that are going up around the corner from your house and what real estate values are doing? They have gone down recently in winter garden, but you didn't know that I'm going to give you all the details in today's 3, 4, 7, 8, 7 real estate news market. Watch update Jared Jones, local winter garden resident, and top real estate broker, as well as owner of Jones group real estate. Located on plant street here, winter garden. Let's dive right in. The first location I want to talk about is the mark. The mark is at Sydell, maybe two minutes, just east of the 4 29. The mark includes 10 buildings or pads ranging in size. Now let me tell you what's opening and the projected dates, advent health centric care.

It gives an urgent care going up. There is opening very soon. Weeks out. Heartland dental is weeks away from finishing the building seven 11, same thing, Walgreens, September 7th, Starbucks, October 4th, building age, which will include the barbershop Huey. Magoos a Leno's haircuts and three vacant opportunities. We'll be opening October 8th, building I top star surfaces, urban cocoon nail salon, and a vacant opportunity suite there that is going to open October 13th. Building C is going to include 80 and T. Jeremiah is Italian ice. Kenpo karate chop house, Papa John's pizza, PCG artisinal burgers, winter garden liquors, and another vacant suite as well. Building C slate for completion, October 18th and the learning experience, which is slated for opening December 6th. It's a 21 acre space. And if you do have interest in a commercial space, there, there are a few openings. As I mentioned, contact me for details. Next up Tijuana flats has been announced just recently that we'll be opening a new location in Hamlin.

It's a new out parcel building under construction next to McDonald's right across the street in front of Publix. Now the shell has already started construction and the permits have been filed with the county orange county, but there has been no completion date slated as of yet. Now, also right there in front of Publix, you have been noticing a brick clad building going up right across the street from chase right here in Hamlin. That building is going to be called Moje T hopefully I did not butcher the name. Most tea actually is a local tea company. It's already got two walk-in locations in Orlando, and it's a pretty popular place. There's 116 reviews. They got almost five stars around four stars, so pretty popular. Uh, the interior decor of the other locations looked like it would fit perfectly within Hamlin. And that is on the way up right now in the same building where ups store is at the east end of the building, where ups store is located is going to be a Penn Spiration.

It's a do it yourself, art arts, and craft studio, wine bar, coming to Hamlin. It's going to have girls night out date, night events, special team building. So it's kind of like a craft. It's kind of an event style, um, location that is coming soon. It looks like it's being built out right now on the same side, near the French cafe, where you have the pizza press a boss for us on the opposite end, you have a PF Chang's mini takeout location coming, super excited to see this. This is a new market concept that originated, and a lot of the high density locations like New York city, Chicago, they've already tried this where they're basically just going to have, you know, this smaller space. That's basically going to be takeout only where they're going to push out great PF Chang's food, uh, from a much small location.

That's going to be exciting. There's really not a Chinese food restaurant in the Hamilton area already. So that's going to be a great addition. Cross the street. You can see Ford's garage started moving again. It seemed like throughout the year, last year in 2020, it really, they hit a pause and they just stopped working altogether. So Ford's garage is making progress, uh, as you can see, uh, projections probably a few months out still, uh, but they are definitely moving on it. Now, one of the newest locations and I big impactor of area real estate values is a community called Tilden's place. Tilden's place. You can see it at Tilden road and tiny road, almost at the corner. That would be the Southwest corner. It's directly across the street from the Emerald Ridge community. If you're heading northbound on the 4 29, you can see the community right before you get to the winter garden village exit.

It's literally just a circle shape. There's not a lot of homes in there and they've already released the first release. Now, the reason why I say this is going to be massively beneficial for home values in the area, particularly you folks at Emerald Ridge, uh, even some of the communities that are right off tiny road and around Hamlin is because these particular homes and my homes is building two different lot sizes, a smaller 50 foot wide lot, and then an 80 foot wide lot and get this. So there's going to be a base price on the 50 foot, lots at 450 to almost $600,000, not including a lot premium of 24 to almost $50,000 on top of that base price. Plus another 15%, 20% for structural and design options, um, which could push that price now to five 50 to 700. And then if you have them put a pool in for you, you would be forking over another 90 to 120,000 on top of that.

So you're going to see a lot of homes in this particular subdivision. That's the short lot. Let me tell you about the bigger lots. The 80 foot lots are going to have base prices of six to the mid sevens to start the home site premium for the, for those particular 80 foot, lots is going to be 50 to almost a hundred thousand. So $97,000 for the lot premium for those add end to that another 15, 18% and improvements for structural upgrades design options that you choose. And then again, if you put a pool on there, you're going to be up close 909 50, maybe a million dollar home ticket, and that particular subdivision let's do this. Let's dive into the real estate market what's going on in 3, 4, 7, 8, 7. Then I'm going to tell you homes are selling quickly last month homes on average sold 39% faster than a year ago.

And it was the fastest selling time frame in 15 years and 11 months homes are selling fast. The last month was a record even for the last 12 months, obviously. So essentially every month for, for several months running the speed of which someone puts a house on the market in the real estate market, 3, 4 77, it's gone faster and fast, which means demand is incredibly high and it's very much there's market. Now how close to the asking price or I was getting, this is where the data is interesting. Last month was a month where the percentage that a seller received from the buying public, it dipped a little bit. Now it's still at record high levels. So it's not anything, um, to, uh, to note as a, as a situation where it's a possible roll back on pricing or change in the market. It's by far away from that.

But it is interesting. That means the velocity of which buyers were buying, uh, homes and paying seller prices came down a little. It is still over asking price on the average. So most people that are selling in winter garden are getting above their asking price on the average and probably the most eyeopening. An interesting part of the market right now in winter garden is the average, right? So last month, the average price in July bounced back too far, 519,709. So almost $520,000 average price. Now, interestingly enough, two months ago, the price was right at 530,000. Okay. Now it went from 530,002 months ago. It dipped a month to 5 0 1. So the marketplace Trump like five, 6% just in a month over month pattern, and then went back up in gained, you know, another 4% of that went to five 20. So it went 5 3505 0 1 and then five, almost five 20.

So, uh, which is interesting, you'd say, well, you know, pricing bounces around certain homes, you know, maybe there's a month where a lot of luxury homes closed and it jacks the average price way up. So that is true. Okay. But, but one thing to note, there was a five to six month running total of near vertical price growth where month after month it was going gangbusters. Okay. And the fact that the price, the average price load is actually softening is, uh, it's just something to watch. It doesn't mean anything. It doesn't, you know, uh, it's, it's nothing to really pour a ton of energy into being concerned about, but it is interesting to see, um, that there's just a little bit of a slight pattern change in the market if you will. That's it. Thanks for watching. If you want more details on the future of Florida, if you're curious, if your house is going to be crashing and valued next year, you need to watch one of my recent updates.

I'm going to put the link down below on why Florida will be the last market to see recession in the housing market. It's going to be a long time to come. Data-driven things that you don't know about that are going to drive your home price into the future. And if you're planning on selling, you need to watch this. If you're thinking of buying, if you're thinking of holding and renting and hoping the market comes down, you definitely need to watch this. I'm going to link that down below. Thanks for watching. Give us a follow on YouTube. Check us out on Facebook and we'll see you real soon

In this market. The agent you choose to sell your home will directly impact your bottom line. I'm Jared Jones, a 20 year, top 1% selling broker nationwide. Why would you consider me in the selling of your next home? Three big reasons. It's a statistical fact that I sell nine times more homes than the average agent, which just means I have more tools, resources, and experience to get the job done. Right? Number two, my home sell statistically on average, 5% higher than the average agent's home sell versus the asking price. For instance, if you live in winter garden, that's a difference of $23,104 in your pocket difference versus the average agent. Lastly, even in this marketplace, my homes are selling 17% faster than the average agents time to sell. I'm not bragging. I'm applying for a job. I want to be your realtor. I offer flexible commission plans to save you more money. And with my satisfaction guarantee, you can fire me and pay nothing you're in control. Don't list it before you talk to me. First, Jared Jones call me at four zero seven seven oh six 5,000 or visit Jones group FL

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